Jia Lissa in Jredde at MetArt

juli 25, 2018 - Nude Girl Pictures
Jia Lissa in Jredde at MetArt

Is it possible to look upon gorgeous Jia Lissa and not be love-struck? Those legs, that sweet ass, that natural red hair and that innocent until proven guilty look in her eyes – she is the living embodiment of captivating. Stretching her top down to cover her pussy, the beautiful Russian is quick to raise it again, pulling it off over her head to stand proud in leather straps that frame her pale breasts. Her nipples stiffen now they’re exposed, and she sits and lets her eyes linger on you as she raises one foot onto the seat beside her. Legs wide open, her sweet pink pussy is revealed with a strip of natural red pubic hair sitting like a crown over her clit. Simply stunning.

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