Avery in Leniela at MetArt

april 1, 2018 - Nude Girl Pictures
Avery in Leniela at MetArt

Ukrainian sweetheart Avery looks utterly gorgeous, long brunette hair and simple white top set off by hip hugging black shorts that follow the contours of her legs so wonderfully. She’s such a tease, lifting her top just enough to expose her nipples, wriggling in her seat, hands clasped between her thighs, then pushing out her chest as a sweet smile lights up her pretty face. Standing up, she undoes her pants and pulls them down, panties so tight they cut between the cheeks of her stunning ass. Pulling her panties down around her ankles, she grabs a peachy cheek with each hand and spreads them apart to expose her shaved pussy, knowing you’ll enjoy the show.

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