Aislin in Set 1 at GoddessNudes

maart 31, 2018 - Nude Girl Pictures
Aislin in Set 1 at GoddessNudes

Aislin is so incredibly hot. It’s relatively rare for me to consider a women to be a “Perfect 10” I consider lots of women to be 10’s, but not perfect 10’s. I look very closely at everything. In order for me to consider a woman to be a perfect 10 she must be absolutely flawless. She must have a cute face and an awesome body. No skin blemishes, no crooked teeth, no yellow teeth, etc. but Aislin is a perfect 10. I am mostly attracted to petite redheads and brunettes with smaller breasts, so for me to consider Aislin a perfect 10 only strengthens the fact that she is gorgeous. I love Aislin’s breasts. Normally when natural breasts get that large they are often not perky and the models often won’t have narrow waists. Yet Aislin’s breasts are perky and she still has a narrow waist. I love that Aislin’s pussy is always completely bald and she is willing to do the spread eagle poses. I know a lot of guys like some hair or even a bush down there, I’m okay with a little bit of hair down there, but if I could always have my way all hot girls would have a completely bald, waxed pussy. Very high praise to Aislin indeed!

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