Susi R in Let’s Play at Femjoy

augustus 9, 2018 - Nude Girl Pictures, Outdoor Nude Girls
Susi R in Let’s Play at Femjoy

I’ve always loved Suzanna, she is built so beautifully. You can’t tell how beautifully she is built until she is with another woman. She is so well built to that she makes almost every woman she is with seem like they are softer and more susceptible to squeezes and caresses. But when she is caressed she reacts like a normal woman too and appreciates it. There really probably is no model who is capable of going either way when photographed with another woman, she can either dominate or succumb. She makes other women look good and if she could be with a stronger woman she would succumb like any woman. She is probably the best model and the best body and the best companion for any woman. She’s just on the wrong sites. She should be on SexArt and VivThomas. It’s a shame to have this talent wasted or never fulfilled. She could even be in adult movies.


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