Beatrice Roja in Ritana at MetArt

augustus 10, 2018 - Nude Girl Pictures
Beatrice Roja in Ritana at MetArt

Sexy Russian redhead Beatrice Roja is chilling out in her high-rise apartment, sipping from a mug of hot coffee. With sex in mind she smiles mischievously, takes off her sweater and socks, and lies with her lithe legs outstretched. Not for long though, because she takes off her tight black panties, and kneels upright on the bed. She strokes the stiff nipples of her pert breasts, enjoying the sensual pleasure, and poses with her hands on her slender hips, offering a glorious close-up of her plump-lipped, shaved pussy. Check out those cute freckles as she blows you a kiss…

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